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How You Can Catch The Incredible Hulk Syndrome (and leave your partners smiling)

Boost your testosterone

"Studies show that over 20% of men are experiencing a declining interest in sex. Low sex drive is generally due to low testosterone. " John Romaniello posted this on Facebook a long time ago. It really frightened me to read this. It also encouraged me to do my best to learn everything about boosting testosterone so that I could feel like The Continue Reading

Your Cheat Sheet to Becoming The Life of The Party [The Smile Technique]

Life of the party

"How do you know those people?" The worst thing in the world is to go unnoticed. I play a bad guy in my professional wrestling career. I love it. My friends often ask me if it bothers me that everyone hates me. I love it. The opposite of love is indifference. I love to be hated. One day I'll become a good guy and I'll enjoy getting Continue Reading

How You Can Live Forever & Dominate Life! (The KR Manifesto)

"I need to live life. And I'd hate dying; it would ruin my image." -- Jack LaLanne I plan on living forever. Why die? There's so much to do on this planet. So many cool people to meet. So much to see. I 'm finally going to reveal my super-secret plan to live forever! I must confess. I've always had an irrational fear of dying. I'm Continue Reading

How Are You Supposed to Time Your Meals?

"I missed breakfast and my day was ruined." One of my buddies was stressed about missing breakfast. I laughed because I can't remember the last time I actually had breakfast (around 2012). There are so many rules, theories, and unanswered questions when it comes to the timing of your actual meals. Continue Reading

Why Fitness Magazines Are Completely Ruining Your Plans to Get in Shape

Fitness magazines

"Did you read about that new workout? I'm going to try it right now." Nope. I didn't read about the new celebrity workout nor do I plan on doing so. I don't care about the newest workout. I don't want to read about it nor do I want you to waste an hour of my time by telling me about it. I don't care for new and flashy workouts. Here's a Continue Reading

How-to Jumpstart Your Day so You Don’t Loiter (The Snap System)

Jumpstart your morning

"I pressed snooze on my alarm clock and then went back to sleep for another hour." Sadly, that's what I told my buddy at the gym. I barely make it on time for my BJJ class at noon. I'm somehow always late and I never start my day off right. I've never had a solid morning routine. I'm a proud night owl. I typically wake up just in time to chug Continue Reading